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"With West Coast & Fairview Trucking you are moving in the right direction every mile of the way"

Since 1978, Fairview Trucking Inc. and Ochoa Group Corp. has become a reputable business in California providing unique solutions and services. For the past 30 years, we have been delivering honesty, respect, integrity, and fairness to every customer and supplier. These qualities and our service make us unique and differentiate us from our competitors.

Fairview Trucking inc. and Ochoa Group Corp. Continues to diversify and expand services to meet client needs. We are proud that our growing business provides our community with a variety of jobs and the opportunity to become part of our term oriented work environment. We take great pleasure in saying that our employees are a key reason we deliver great services to our clients. 

Our modern fleet of equipment, professional and dependable drivers meets the most rigorous standards of safety and customer service. 



Kenworth, Wester Star and

International trucks.

5 Pull Trailers.

Roll Off Trucks in Southern and Northern California.

Our trucks can carry boxes of any size and shapes 

12-24 tons capacity

We have over 300 roll-off boxes in our inventory of multiple sizes.

Use and Services 

Transporting recyclable materials, like glass, aluminum and plastics; construction material, trash, green waste (landscaping),building materials, among others.



Kenworth, Western Star and 

International trucks 

Flat Bed and drop deck trailer.

Our Flat Bed Trucks have a capacity of 23 to 25 tons. 


The quotes for our flatbeds trucking services are based on hourly rates or distance of the trip. Quotes are usually given the same day of the request.


Use and Services

Our flat beds can be used to carry recyclable bails, wood, steal, glass, building and construction materials. 



Kenworth, Western Star and

International trucks

10+ End Dumps Trucks.

Our End dumps have a capacity of

23 to 25 tons.

We use all Aluminum trailers to maximize the payload.

Use and Services

End dump trucks are the most popular transport vehicle type because they are plentiful, maneuverable and versatile.

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